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HCMF01 Ensemble Musikfabrik: Saunders 1
HCMF01 Ensemble Musikfabrik: Saunders 1
The pioneering Ensemble Musikfabrik are a Cologne-based music group dedicated to discovering new and extraordinary methods of communication. Joined by renowned soprano Juliet Fraser and conductor Enno Poppe, they perform Rebecca Saunders’ new work Yes, a meditation on the ambiguities of language and expression. Inspired by the time-warping monologue that concludes James Joyce’s masterpiece Ulysses, it is a literally breathtaking piece of music, the ensemble responding to the inhales and exhales in Fraser’s vocal performance with fluid arrangements. The result is an ever-changing collage of music and theatre in which our preconceived notions of language are lost to time.
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