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HCMF04 Iced Bodies
HCMF04 Iced Bodies

American cellist Seth Woods saw a photo of Charlotte Moorman playing a cello, made of ice, in the nude. This is how the Iced Bodies project began. From the photo, Woods pieced together a fascinating tale about Moorman, a performer pulled towards extreme performance. Collaborating with artist Jim McWilliams, she created a cello-shaped sculpture made of ice, using it to perform his piece Iced Music for London. An obscure relic of the New York underground, Woods has dug up the 1972 piece and given it a new perspective, creating his own ‘ice cello’ augmented with electronic sound devices. Rethinking the confrontational performance of Moorman, he’s created a modern installation that considers those frozen out of modern society. He’ll play it until it melts.

Bates Mill
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16/11/2019 16:00
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