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HCMF06 Decay / Sofia Jernberg
HCMF06 Decay / Sofia Jernberg
Claudia Molitor’s Decay has lived a life. Debuted in a slow-burning concert at hcmf// 2018, the piece was conceived as a timelapse. Each new performance transformed the piece, giving it new experiences and inflections. A meditation on the slow-releasing transformations that mark life – the subtle, impossible to capture moments that age us for good – Decay has become completely different. Having travelled to the Netherlands and Texas, the piece now returns to hcmf// 2019 for its final concert. Molitor and her performance partner Tullis Rennie are joined by saxophonist John Butcher and violinist Alison Blunt, closing the lifecycle on a fascinating music project – one that’s lived and breathed.
Bates Mill
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16/11/2019 21:45
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