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HCMF06 Ensemble Mosaik: Poppe
HCMF06 Ensemble Mosaik: Poppe
Ensemble Mosaik ring in 20 years of future-bound musical exploration with an archaeological dig. With a penchant for making real-time experiments of their concerts, they interpret Enno Poppe’s Rundfunk by shapeshifting into an orchestra of synthesisers. A piece that pays homage to the history of electronic music by reconstructing it on modern digital instruments, Rundfunk becomes a facsimile of the 60s and 70s synthesiser sound, a computer-made replica that considers technology’s march of progress. In reconstructing the past this way, Poppe speaks to our present day art practices, echoing the hologram pop stars rocking the festival circuit.
Bates Mill
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17/11/2018 21:30
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