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HCMF24 The Fish that became the Sun
HCMF24 The Fish that became the Sun
For Frank Denyer, the music is enough. Without theme or affair, he has spent his career writing music of quiet visceral effect, creating gorgeous music focused on little more than melody and timbre. Composed three decades ago, The Fish that became the Sun is his opus. It’s such a grand undertaking that it’s never been performed in full before. That the piece is comprised of a lot of instruments – over eighty, in fact – is one thing. That they’re all newly invented is another. Denyer has kept the piece in the back of his mind: as he said to VAN Magazine, ‘The one thing I want to get done in this life is to get it performed’. In 2019, hcmf// is proud to play host to the boldest and most beautiful music of Denyer’s career.
Huddersfield Town Hall
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23/11/2019 17:00
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